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School Schedule

Morning Assembly

The children are welcomed into the school sharply, at 8.50 a.m. to ensure a prompt start for the 9.00 a.m. morning session. Staff and Students gather usually in the auditorium for the prayer. We hold a daily Act of Worship with a prayer song and National Pledge. Assembly is the essential part of the school day which enables children to share in common experience and to develop a sense of wonder and concern about the world around them. We encourage students to follow current news and to learn from the "Thought for the day" which is taken from such sources as myths, legends, epics, history and literature.

Day Class Morning Session Evening Session
Monday to Friday LKG to V Std. 8.50 a.m to 12 Noon 1.00 p.m to 3.50 p.m
VI Std to XII Std. 8.50 a.m to 12 Noon 1.00 p.m to 4.30 p.m
Saturday LKG to II Std. 8.50 a.m to 11.30 a.m.
III Std to X Std. 8.50 a.m to 12 Noon
1.00 p.m to 3.50 p.m

* Second Saturday is a holiday

Academic Session Period : From 15th April to 31st March
Vacation Period : From 1st May to 30th May
Admission Period : Month of March

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